Properties in european countries



Precautions to be taken – Be wary when the sale or lease price seems to be lower than the average price in the area of ​​the property.

Be wary when asked to transfer money for part of the value or a deposit to reserve.

Never transfer money or money abroad.

Never transfer money via Money Gram or Western Union to make a reservation, however low the price is if you do not know the other party.

Get as much written information about the property you are interested in. Example: owners, building book, etc.

Always arrange more than one visit to it, before entering into a contract and / or transferring money to your reservation.

Get as much information about the technician or company that will provide the service.

Ask for references and testimonials from other customers who have already used the services of those who are going to hire and contact them to inquire about the quality and satisfaction of the same (s).

Ask them to provide you with a detailed and written quote about the service (s) that will (will) be done as well as the professional card of the company or provider that will perform it before signaling / awarding.

If you are a seller or service provider, please write in writing the terms of the purchase / sale contract for the property / business or the conditions for providing the service (s) and your payments before starting the transaction.

Eurom² never asks for a cash advance on behalf of anyone.

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